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AC RepairEven though the winters in Findlay, OH, are famously frigid, our summers are no joke either. It can get downright sweltering outside during the summer months. Just like you wouldn’t want to get in your car during the winter to find the heater doesn’t work, you definitely don’t want to start your vehicle in the summer to find the AC is busted. Don’t wait for it to come to that. If your vehicle’s AC isn’t working, not working as well as it used to, or you just want a piece of mind check-up before summer arrives, the ASE Certified techs at Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay, OH, have got you covered.We are your AC repair Findlay, OH #1 choice!

AC Repair in Findlay OH

Your vehicle has three main pieces to its AC unit, and a simple problem with any of them could sideline your AC unit in a hurry. Even so much as a simple deficiency on refrigerant gas could cause your AC to underperform or not blow cold air at all. If your AC is having any kind of issues, don’t sweat it – we can find the problem and get it fixed up fast.

AC Service in Findlay OH

When is it time to bring your car in for AC service? Well, the first time that it is good to bring it in is during the spring. We can check your entire system to make sure you won’t have any problems when it gets hot. We recommend this every spring. The other time is when your AC maybe isn’t working as well as it once did. Chances are you won’t need more than a simple coolant recharge to get things humming again. No matter what your AC issue, the experienced pros at Vielhaber’s Garage can get you cooled off and back on the road.

AC Repair Near Me

Don’t spend this summer sweating it out. Whether you want that spring check-up or you need AC repair immediately, the ASE Certified technicians at Vielhaber’s Garage can get you cooled off and back on the road. And you know that all work performed comes with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty, so it’ll be done right the first time, every time. Make an appointment today!

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