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Heat RepairIt gets plenty cold and nasty in Findlay OH so the very last thing you want is for your car’s heater to go on the fritz. No workday is ever going to be as long as the one you started in a freezing cold car on an hour commute, so keeping up with the regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your heating system is especially recommended. Luckily, the ASE Certified techs at Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay OH have you covered. With the weather so cold outside, you know that when we say we are the heater experts, we mean it. We are your heat repair Findlay, OH #1 choice!

Heater Repair Findlay OH

Now everyone knows that when you first turn your car on, the air blowing from the vents is going to be cold at first, but should start to warm up a few seconds later. If you notice that the heater isn’t blowing at all, it never switches to cold air or it just isn’t as hot as it used to be, it is probably time to bring it in and let the pros at Vielhaber’s Garage take a look. Among the possible problems that could be causing your heater to slow down or stop altogether are:

  • Low Coolant
  • Bad Heater Core
  • Bad Blower Motor
  • Bad HVAC Motor or Valves
  • Stuck or Broken Thermostat

When your heater isn’t heating as it should, it is more than likely one of these issues. The experienced pros at Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay OH are uniquely qualified to diagnose and repair any heater problems you might have.

Heater Service & Heater Repair Findlay OH

So you want to avoid the cold car commute scenario and keep up with your heater’s preventative maintenance? Wise choice. At Vielhaber’s Garage, we recommend getting a heating inspection every fall (with an AC inspection in the spring) to prepare for the winter months ahead. This fall, mark your calendar for heater service with Vielhaber’s Garage. We are the best heat repair Findlay choice available!

Heater Repair Near Me

No one wants to ride around in a freezing cold car. This year, instead of waiting for your heater to break, why not bring it in for preventative maintenance with Vielhaber’s Garage? Our ASE Certified technicians will make sure every part of your heater is working, and we back all our work with a 3-year/36k mile nationwide warranty. Make an appointment with Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay OH today, and let us warm you back up!

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