A Cracked Head Gasket Will Overheat the Engine

Vielhaber’s Garage is the best auto shop in Findlay, and we can replace the head gasket if it cracks. The most common cause of a cracked head gasket is heat. This being said, the cracked gasket will also make your engine overheat. A blown head gasket is a serious problem that requires immediate repair. This repair work is extensive but necessary in order to save your engine.

Sudden Coolant Loss

As we mentioned above, your engine was most likely already overheating when the head gasket blew. This being said, the coolant that was circulating through the engine is now leaking into the cylinders through the cracked head gasket. This causes a sudden coolant loss in the engine and overheats it even more. You will continue to lose coolant until it is depleted if you do not replace the head gasket.

Overheating Engine

You will have an overheating engine every time that you drive your automobile due to the coolant depletion. In addition, heat can seep out of the cylinder block through the crack in the head gasket and increase the engine’s temperature. The maximum temperature at which an engine should run is 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Your engine will run much hotter than this if the head gasket has blown.

Scorching Hot Coolant

In fact, the engine will get so hot that it will raise the coolant’s temperature to the boiling point. Initially, you will still have coolant in the radiator and overflow reservoir. This coolant will start to boil because of the overheating engine. As the coolant boils, it releases pressure that builds up inside the radiator. Eventually, the radiator cap will give and blow off the top of the radiator.

Whitish-Blue Engine Exhaust

As the coolant leaks into each cylinder, the spark plugs ignite it with the air and fuel. Consequently, instead of just having the air and fuel mixture burning in the cylinders, you will have a mixture of air, fuel, coolant, and motor oil. When the coolant burns, it creates white exhaust. When the oil burns, it creates blue exhaust. Consequently, you will see whitish-blue exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe.

Milky-White Motor Oil

As we just mentioned, the motor oil will also leak into the cylinder block when the head gasket cracks. The coolant will mix with the motor oil and create a milky-white liquid that will circulate through the engine. You don’t need us to tell you that this diluted oil will seriously damage your engine.

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Photo by skhoward from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro