A Dead Starter Is No Match for Vielhaber’s Garage

That’s right! A dead starter is no match for Vielhaber’s Garage. We can replace your car, truck, or utility vehicle starter when it needs it, which is usually out around 100,000 miles. Your engine cannot start without the starter, hence its name. The starter turns over the engine so the combustion chamber fills with air and fuel. It also provides power to the spark plugs so they can ignite the air and fuel. The following are signs that your starter motor is going bad or is already dead.

Odd Pre-Ignition Noises

Hopefully, the starter will alert you that it is going bad before it dies completely. It does this by making a clicking sound between the time that you turn the ignition key and the engine starts. It may also make a whirring sound during this time. If you hear a strange noise before your engine fires up, it’s a good idea to head straight to our shop so we can check the starter right away.

An Engine That Won’t Start…

Ignoring the sound is playing Russian Roulette. The next time you try to start your automobile, the engine may not start because the starter has died. This means there is no air and fuel in the combustion chamber or power to the spark plugs. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get your engine started when it is in this condition. Simply put, you will be stuck with a dead engine.

… But the Lights Work

You may wonder why we are mentioning that the lights work. The reason why is that working lights indicate that the battery and alternator are also working. If your engine was dead because you had a dead battery, the vehicle lights would not work. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that if you have a dead engine with working lights, the reason why the engine won’t start is the starter.

Smoke and Burning Odors

Another thing that points specifically to the starter is smoke and burning odors coming from the engine. This is a sign that you have tried to start your engine too many times. Unfortunately, the only thing that your efforts will accomplish is overheating the starter motor. This will make it smoke and smell hot. If you cannot get your engine started after a few attempts, stop turning the key in the ignition.

Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay, OH, is here to help, so ring us up today to set up a service appointment if you are having problems getting your automobile started.

Photo by Difydave from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro