Exhaust System Leaks or Clogs Create the Following Problems

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle has a combustion engine that produces exhaust. The exhaust is routed out of the combustion chamber and through the exhaust system to be treated and released into the environment. Generally, the exhaust system doesn’t require too much maintenance, but it can get clogged or develop leaks. Vielhaber’s Garage advises that when this happens, you will notice one or more of the following signs of exhaust system problems.

Acceleration/Power Lag

If the engine’s exhaust is not routed out of the combustion chamber, the chamber will have problems producing new combustion. Combustion begins when you start your automobile and continues until you turn it off. If the chamber has exhaust left in it, your vehicle’s acceleration and engine power will lag. You will notice this particularly when you are trying to drive at higher speeds.

Burning Odors

If you have a leak in your exhaust manifold gaskets, exhaust is released into your engine. This exhaust is scorching hot. Consequently, it can melt anything that is made out of plastic or rubber around it. You will smell burning odors coming from your engine as these parts melt. The exhaust leaking out of the manifold gasket will also overheat your engine every time you drive your automobile.

Gasoline Odors

A leaking or clogged exhaust system can also introduce gasoline odors into your vehicle’s cabin. If you smell gas inside the cabin, do not drive your automobile. Gasoline odors inside the cabin can mean that you are inhaling carbon monoxide. It’s important to have your vehicle checked right away if you can smell gasoline or diesel fuel while you are driving it.

Poor Fuel Economy

Exhaust system problems can also cause a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Unfortunately, this is because the engine is not running as efficiently as it can be. Any time the engine struggles to perform, it uses up more gasoline. Consequently, you will need to fill your tank more often.

Too Much Noise

Part of your exhaust system is the muffler. This auto part is designed to muffle your engine’s noise. Without a muffler, your engine would be unbearably loud. If your engine has suddenly gotten louder, you may have a hole in the muffler or a leaking exhaust manifold gasket.

Visible Damage

Finally, visible damage to your tailpipe is an indication of exhaust system problems. You may see tiny holes or pits in the pipe, or it may be hanging too low. It’s important to have the tailpipe repaired if either of these problems is visible.

Call Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay, OH, today if your automobile is having exhaust system problems. We can inspect your system and make any necessary repairs.

Photo by Khaligo from Getty Images via Canva Pro