Five Steps to Take if Your Car Is Overheating

You are driving down the road and your engine starts to overheat. Your temperature gauge rises, and you start to see steam coming out from underneath your hood. Let Vielhaber’s Garage figure out why your automobile is overheating so we can fix the problem. In the meantime, do the following five things.

1. Heat Things Up

It might sound strange to heat things up if your automobile is overheating, but turning on the heater redirects engine heat to the heater core and helps the engine to cool down. Turn your heater on as high as possible to see if this helps the temperature gauge to go back to normal. If it does, head to the nearest service station or auto repair shop. If it doesn’t, move on to step number two.

2. Stop Driving

If turning on the heater doesn’t restore your engine’s temperature to normal, pull over immediately once you can find a safe place to park. Cut the engine and call for roadside assistance. Do not attempt to pop the hood and unscrew the radiator cap until your engine has cooled completely. Doing so beforehand is extremely dangerous, as you can be scalded by hot engine coolant.

3. Add Coolant

Whether via your roadside assistance service or yourself, once your engine has cooled completely, and you must be patient because this can take as much as 30 minutes, pop the hood to see if you’re coolant level is low. If it is, add engine coolant to the cooling system. Once you’ve added the coolant, check underneath your car for leaks. If the coolant is gushing out of the system, don’t drive.

4. Take the Tow

If you cannot keep coolant in the cooling system, opt to have your vehicle towed to us so we can find the cooling system leak and fix it. You cannot drive your automobile if it is hemorrhaging engine coolant. There’s no way you will be able to keep your car, CUV, SUV, truck, or van at the proper operating temperature without enough coolant in the cooling system to draw heat away from the engine.

5. Drive to Us

If you are able to keep coolant in the cooling system, fire up your vehicle and drive to us. Keep a wary eye on the temperature gauge to make sure your engine doesn’t start overheating again, and don’t assume that just because the temperature is normal everything is okay. It’s important to get the cooling system checked because your vehicle would not have overheated if there were not an initial problem.

Vielhaber’s Garage is a full-service auto shop in Findlay, OH, and we can get to the bottom of your engine overheating trouble as well as maintain and repair your automobile, so call us today.

Photo by dragana991 from Getty Images via Canva Pro