The Four Different Types of Oil for Your Automobile

Depending on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, there are four types of motor oil on the market for your automobile. Vielhaber’s Garage can help you determine the oil that will work best in your vehicle’s engine. It’s important to keep clean and fresh motor oil in the engine to ensure it is lubricated, protected, and cleaned regularly. That’s right! The motor oil actually helps to keep your engine clean. Let’s talk about the different oil types below and what makes each one unique.

1. Conventional

The popular saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies to conventional motor oil. This oil has been around for over a century and it is perfect for nearly every automobile on the road. Conventional motor oil is extracted from crude and does an excellent job of protecting and lubricating the engine. It works well in vehicles that have low mileage and standard engines. To ensure your conventional oil protects your engine as best as it can, haven’t changed every 3,000 miles.

2. High-Mileage

High-mileage motor oil’s name says it all; this oil is for vehicles that have a ton of miles on them. The general recommendation for when you should start using high-mileage oil is 75,000 miles. This is the point at which your engine is considered high-mileage and runs a higher risk of springing an oil leak. High-mileage motor oil contains additives to help prevent an oil leak from ever happening. As with conventional oil, this oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.

3. Synthetic

Synthetic oil has created a huge buzz in the automotive industry. This factory-produced oil is purer than conventional oil and does a superior job of protecting your engine. This is why this oil is recommended for high-performance engines and during extreme weather conditions such as our winters here in Findlay, Ohio. We mentioned at the beginning of this blog post that the best oil for your vehicle depends on your manufacturer’s recommendation. The reason why we said this is that BMW, for example, only recommends synthetic oil for its automobiles.

4. Synthetic Blend

If you would like the benefits of synthetic, such as a longer duration between oil changes, you can get them and save a little money by using a synthetic blend. This motor oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional that provides superior engine protection and longevity. Many people opt for a synthetic blend because it gives their automobile the best of both worlds.

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Photo by Ake Ngiamsanguan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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