Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay Can Repair Your Engine’s Vacuum Leak

Bring your vehicle to Vielhaber’s Garage today if it is having any of the problems listed below. These problems are signs that your automobile has a vacuum leak in the engine. The engine produces vacuum pressure during combustion. This pressure is routed through vacuum hoses so it can be used as a power source. Over time, the vacuum hoses can start to leak.

Poor Performance

One of the first things that will happen if you have a leaking vacuum hose in the engine is your engine will perform poorly. This is because the vacuum pressure is feeling the engine. This excess air can make its way into the combustion chamber and affect the air and fuel balance. This will start the engine of fuel and cause it to sputter and even stall in severe cases.

Poor Gas Mileage

Naturally, when the engine is struggling to run, it will burn through the gasoline or diesel fuel quicker. Unfortunately, the engine vacuum leak will indirectly cause poor gas mileage because of the engine performance issues. Replacing the vacuum hose will restore the performance and mileage.

Sporadic RPMs

Another strange engine performance issue is sporadic RPMs or constantly high RPMs in the engine. You will be able to tell that either is going on by looking at the tachometer needle on your dashboard. If it is bouncing up and down or registering too high, the vacuum pressure being released from the leaking hose is increasing the RPMs.

Faulty Components

As we mentioned above, the vacuum pressure is used as a power source. This means the components that it powers will start to malfunction. One example is the power steering pump in your power steering system. A vacuum leak can make it difficult to steer your automobile.


You may also end up hearing strange noises in the engine from the leaking vacuum hose. The two most common sounds of the vacuum leak are hissing or suction. If you hear either of these noises in your engine, drive straight to our shop.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, as you can imagine, the system sensors in your engine are going to get mad because the vacuum leak is messing things up. They will report error codes to the engine control module and the module will turn on the check engine light.

Vielhaber’s Garage in Findlay, OH, would be happy to help, so give us a call today to set up a service visit for an engine inspection.

Photo by nikom1234 from getty images via Canva Pro